Pamper yourself with our spa manicure in our pipeless massage chairs. Enjoy complimentary champagne or wine while pampering yourself with our luxury service (some services only). For our compliance with Health and Safety regulation, each service have to pay additional charge of FBP (File Buffer Pack).

Shellac Manicure
Shellac manicure is the new manicure treatment that is superior to traditional nail polish. Its slick, shiny polish look is resistant to smudging and lasts longer. Only available if done by licensed professionals, it only need to change polish when new growth starts showing. Available with Polish, Manicure, Spoil Me Manicure or French

Solar Manicure
White and pink acrylics that is applied directly to the natural nail to achieve the dual-toned look of a French manicure. Is it also known as pink and white manicure. Available with pink, white, pearl or white tip. Full set or Refill.

French Manicure
An elegant and simple style that accentuate the white tips of nails by applying some coatings.

Extra Services
Nail Repair, Nail Take Off, Extra Color Line, Design, French Gel Coating Polish Change Hands, French Polish Change Hand, Polish Change Toes and French Polish Change Toes.